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"Dementia Care and Policies

of extended Danube Region"




iCoDem/20 - Covid 19 and Dementia 

International Conference on dementia

31.August - 01. September  



Bosnia and Herzegovina

The aim of the Conference "Dementia Care and Policies in extended Danube Region"


is creating a Forum by the members from Regional countries that need to present situation in their respective countries from aspect of demographic impact on society in link with dementia issues, healthy aging and long-term care and that they present society readiness for adjustment and their possibility to create system "Dementia friendly society" and adjustment life environment to elderly people. Following the presentations, the Forum should initiate discussions to find self-sustaining solutions and to establish contacts for follow-up activities.

The aim of iCoDem/20 - Covid-19 and Dementia

as the scientific and educational Congress on Dementia, this year we want to speak about Covid-19 in regarding to Dementia - hospital care and experiences, recognizing of Covid-19 symptoms, impact of Covid-19 on the condition of person with dementia, treatment of Covid-19 at people with dementia  and how to cope with consequences....

Now is the new

Paper submission deadline 

  1st July 2020. 


  • Governmental representatives - a various Ministries 

  • Health workers neurologists, psychiatrists, gerontologist, epidemiologists, infectologists, internists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, nurses and medical technicians 

  • Professionals/experts involved in  Hospital care, Healthy Aging, Long-term Care, Education, Social Security, Health and Mental Health, Demographers, Insurance, NGO... 

  • Representatives of academic institutions in the areas of: Medicine, Philosophy, Social Work, Political Science, Economy, Traffic and Communications, Architecture

  • Officers within Health, Social and Pension Funds

  • Employees working for insurance companies

  • NGOs

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Demographic trends, Healthy aging, Long-Term Care, Age friendly environments, Dementia friendly societis, Health care system to meets the needs of aging population, Education  

Current challenges in

Eastern and SE European

high level of unemployment, uncertainty about future, low standard of life

in 8 out of 11 countries with more than 15% population decline in the period between 2015. and 2030.

Average median age of native population will be over 47

Featured Speakers

director of Center for dementia - Sarajevo

Currently is director of Center for dementia in Sarajevo. He is one by a few founders of Alzheimer association AiR as umbrella organization in BiH for combat against dementia.

He is doctor of science and expert for dementia in the field of psychology and care and invited lecturer on the various professional meetings and trainnings.

Danube University in Krems/Austria

Stefanie Auer

is a clinical and health psychologist. She worked at New York University on the development of test measures. In Austria, she and her team developed the Dementia Service Centre Model starting in 2001.  

Since 2015 she is a Professor of Dementia Studies at the Danube University in Krems/Austria



is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located in the heart of the Balkan. The town with turbulent history, with population decline for 1/3 in the last 3 decades.

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Congress hall

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