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31.August-01.September 2020.;

Sarajevo; BiH


English is official language of the Conference !


Deadline for submitting of abstracts is 1st July 2020.

via www.alzheimerbih.org (below right WRITE US)


The aim of this Conference "Dementia Care and Policies" is creating a Forum by the members from Regional countries that need to present situation in their respective countries from aspect of demographic impact on society in link with dementia issues, healthy aging and long-term care and that they present society readiness for adjustment and their possibility to create system "Dementia friendly society" and adjustment life environment to elderly people. Following the presentations, the Forum should initiate discussions to find self-sustaining solutions and to establish contacts for follow-up activities.

This Region is exposed to major demographic changes that affect on the functionality of societies and self-sustainability of health and social systems that can not meet the needs of elderly population and in this context offer solutions for the dementia issue.

We want to gather the all regional stakeholders to share each others their perceptions and to start the process of common collaboration on finding a solutions for adjustements their societies.

The two days Conference where, the first day, we shall listen presentations and  the second day through the discussion we shall seek ways for improving of situation!

In the light of Covid-19 outbreak we want to speak about:

impact of Covid-19 on the condition of people with dementia, recognizing of Covid-19 symptoms, what is important in hospital care of this population and how to solve the issues in regarding to dementia during hospital days, whether is the course of Covid-19 the same in people with and without dementia, Vascular dementia, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and Covid-19, high temperature, low oxygen saturation and infection with Covid-19 at people in mild/moderate dementia,  

treatment of Covid-19 at people with dementia  and how to cope with consequences....

The entire world had have bans and restrictions with aim to protect the vulnerable categories of population but people living with dementia no one mentioned!


We want to run researchs in aim to establish recommendations how to cope with Covid-19 after infections, how could we help to people with dementia to overcome the disease with as little as possible consequences.  

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