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The key common demographic changes in these countries are aging population and lower birth rates. People are generally living longer and are healthier than in the past. However, aging population brings about a new issue- that of providing long term care and support. 


The demand for professional care is likely to increase further due to the following factors:


a./ The lack of family support network either because of the demands of modern life where all family members must earn a living or the increase in the number of people living on their own



b./ Increased number of women on the labour market


c./ Increased workforce mobility


d./Anticipated further increases in the retirement age. 


Formal, professional care is currently expensive, and it is not accessible to all those who need it. Long-term care will need to be considered when plans affecting health and social systems are drawn. Wider inclusion of migrants – mainly women – is a challenge. It is estimated that the public expenditure on long-term care will rise from 1.6% to 2.7% by 2070.

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