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The negative trends of migration are a product of changes in the political and social maps dating from the early 90s, high level of unemployment, uncertainty about the future, low standard of life as well as changes affecting lives of younger generations. These processes have led to research and the data which reveal that in 8 out of 11 countries with more than 15% population decline in the period between 2015 and 2030 will be countries from this region, namely South Eastern Europe thus in 2030 the average median age of native population will be over 47. The percentage of population over 60 years of age is already twice as big as the average world percentage (UN DESA; World Population Prospects: 2015)

My concern is that these figures will be even worse once updated data is collated and published. 


This trend has brought in significant changes affecting whole societies – for instance, economy of each country will inevitably be affected. The main issue to consider is how these societies will establish a system of long-term care, deal with issues resulting from dementia or implement programs which promote healthy aging. It is worth mentioning that none of the countries in question have National Dementia Strategy or Plan. 

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